Life is but a dream.

This site is the creative space of LA-based storyteller Lezlie Mitchell. A lifelong student of all things spiritual with a penchant for beauty, Lezlie’s style is best described as classic eclectic. She just calls herself an old soul with a young heart.

Armed with nearly two decades of professional acting, modeling and writing - while walking an intense spiritual path - Lezlie felt called to integrate all of these aspects into this ongoing project to share with you.

When she isn’t creating behind or in front of the camera you can find her napping, devouring a book (probably hard-covered), interpreting dreams for clients, sipping tea over British TV or a foreign film, and spending time with her beautiful family - friends included.

Random Facts: When she was a little girl she wanted to be a nun or a film actress ♥ INFJ ♥ First time on a film set was as Maya Rudolph’s double in Idiocracy HSP ♥ Favorite movie genre has been Horror since childhood ♥ Lives Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol free and is Plant Based to maintain the purest frequency for work ♥ Favorite city is Paris ♥ Shares Ancient DNA paternal haplogroup with Egyptian King Ramesses III ♥ Life Purpose is Transmutation ♥ Her first love was Jesus ♥ Obsessed with all things Rose ♥ Has a love/hate relationship with social media

We are all pregnant with dreams.
Pregnant With Dreams.jpg

We are a highly creative species and are constantly creating new dreams for ourselves internally to share with others externally. But if we don’t listen to that still small voice or learn to follow the guiding signs in our day to day, these dreams get suppressed deep within us. Many people find themselves in situations where they have gained unwanted weight, feel lethargic or unmotivated, or even hopeless - all because they have denied these dreams within themselves.

This site was created to help you, yes YOU, to unearth those dreams deep within you that are fresh and also those that have been suppressed. Once these dreams are unearthed and interpreted you can see them clearly for what they are and be able to take the next necessary steps. Some of these dreams will point you back within yourself for inner healing, while others will direct you to the outside world and your part in the world stage.

If you have found this site you are a great hunter and with some commitment to dream work will soon find yourself enjoying the fruit from seeds planted within you long ago. Dream until your dreams come true!

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