My Dreams


It aint over ‘til it’s over. - Rocky Balboa

I think Lenny Kravitz also sang those words so beautifully here! You’re welcome. I’ve never hidden the dreams I have for my life from those around me. If you know me personally, then you know that I am a storyteller through multiple streams including writing, acting and modeling. I had countless signs along my journey that all pointed to me moving to Los Angeles from my hometown of San Antonio and I listened to those signs I received. LA has been my home now for thirteen adventurous years, but only recently did I make the connection that I’m here not just for my own dreams, but for your dreams too.

The purpose of me sharing my dreams openly with you as I assist you with interpreting your own dreams is because I get questions about both. And, well, because I’m an artist who likes to document life as I create and pursue art. My dreams may be very different than yours, but in order for our dreams to come true on this side of the veil some of the work required is the same.

I look forward to connecting with all of you dreamers and building our tribe one dream at a time. You never know how our dreams are intertwined, so always feel free to drop a comment or reach out if something seems serendipitous.

Sweet Dreams,

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