Lezlie has interpreted a couple of my dreams and has been spot on. She really takes time to meditate on what you share with her and then responds clearly and in faith. She’s helped me to see things that hadn’t shown themselves in the same light, but make complete sense when re-evaluated. I always find peace with her breakdowns because it’s always with love.
— L. Arzu

There have been so many odd dreams that I’ve had and brought to Lezlie and she has been able to break them down and interpret them with ease.
— P. Williams

Lezlie is such a blessing. She truly continues to walk with the Holy Spirit. Her gift through Him is very special, unique and has been evident with every encounter I have had with her. Whether it has been over a lunch conversation, a book she has recommended, advice she has given me, a dream she has interpreted, her overall demeanor, it is always spot on and refreshing. Lezlie’s gift of speaking these truths and interpretations come in such a peaceful and helpful way. I always look forward to what she has to say. Sometimes I get what I know are not “random” messages from her and they are always on time. I am truly grateful God put Lezlie in my life and know you will be too!
— A. Korth

I honestly don’t know how she does it but every time I have brought a dream or spiritual question to Lezlie she has been able to interpret and explain it back to me in a way that makes perfect sense to my soul. She truly has a gift.
— B. Anderson

Lezlie has this gift of knowing and wisdom that is hard to explain but is obvious after just one conversation. She always stays rooted in love so I always feel safe bringing things to her for guidance. She’s a true earth angel.
— F. Shadhi

Lezlie is the most intuitive and thoughtful person that I know. She is able to connect with you no matter what your spiritual background is. Her gifts with dreams and healing should be shared with the world.
— N. Sanchez

Lezlie is an amazing soul with many gifts. One of her gifts is the ability to accurately interpret dreams.

I’ve been blessed enough to receive her guidance on numerous occasions on how to handle life’s obstacles with faith and prayer. However, the Lezlie experience involves more than just dream interpretations. Lezlie provides invaluable insight on the message of the dream itself so that you know how it applies to your life and what actions are needed on your part (if applicable) to turn your dreams into reality or how to face your greatest fears. And fair warning, not all of her dream interpretations are pleasant. They are raw and real and knowing that supports just how genuinely authentic her gift is.

If you’ve had a dream or nightmare that tugs at you even as you go about your day, there might be something to it. Write the dream down, connect with Lezlie and allow her to use God to speak through her to you.
— C. Saleh